Body Contouring


What is it?

Body contouring or body sculpting is a collection of non-surgical cosmetic treatments used to reveal a firm and toned body hidden underneath layers of fat or loose skin. It involves modifying clients' body fat to target stubborn areas, as well as adding on vacuum therapy or laser lipo pads.

We use vacuum therapy, which is safe and highly effective. Vacuum therapy stimulates muscles, breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits, removing toxins as well as inches. This procedure allows us to raise, enlarge and reaffirm the glue without surgery. While immediate results are shown, consistency is important. We recommend 6-10 sessions for maximum results.


Besides the butt lift, exfoliating the skin and making it appear more toned, decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Massaging the skin helps decrease muscle tension.

What's the process?

First, the ultrasound cavitation, which uses sound waves to break down fat cells, which are disposed of by the body through the lymphatic drainage system.

After the ultrasound, radio frequency is then used to heal the tissue and destroy the fat cells as well as stimulating the collagen, tightening the skin.

This can be done on the stomach, back, abdomen, thighs and upper arms.

How long does body contouring last?
Results for both surgical and non-surgical treatments can last a very long time: up to 10 years or more. This type of treatment is considered a permanent solution. The best way to have long-lasting results is to maintain a steady weight and a regular exercise routine after you are recovered.

Tight Tummy

- 60 minutes $100
- 90 minutes $120

Bye-Bye Back Fat

- 60 minutes $100
- 90 minutes $120

Booty Pump

- 60 minutes $110
- 90 minutes $130

Face Areas (when applicable)


- 15 minutes $25
- 30 minutes $40
- 40 minutes $55


Cheeks & Chin

- 30 minutes $60
- 60 minutes $100 


- 30 minutes $40

Packages will be offered. Please contact the salon.